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I’m excited to put my name forward for the nomination to be the UCP candidate and next MLA for Lac Ste. Anne – Parkland. I believe that it’s time to take our province back. We need to stop the harm the NDP has caused our communities, whether it’s Bill 6, shutting down our coal communities, or the secret Carbon Tax they didn’t campaign on.

My husband and I own a 5th generation, 100-year-old ranch in the County of Parkland where we work and raised our three daughters. I became more involved in politics when the NDP started to implement their over-reaching Bill 6 and direct attacks on ranches like ours. The rural way of life is under attack by increased crime in remote areas, property rights violations, and over-regulation by the NDP.

More and more we are seeing our friends and family out of work. They’re struggling and paying more for everything because of the NDP carbon tax! They just want a fair deal from their government and NDP policies have not been the answer.

The sweeping changes that this government is bringing in have one thing in common – they are hurting rural Alberta. We need an MLA who understands what people are going through, someone who has been through it themselves, and will speak up for their community. We need someone who understand that governments and their policies affect the way we live our everyday lives. I know the challenges of farming and ranching as well as the struggles and triumphs of running a small business. I know what it’s like to sign the front of a paycheque. I’m ready to be your MLA in the Alberta legislature to fight for you – fight with you to defeat the NDP.

I was previously a Regional Director on the Wildrose Executive Board and spent the past 18 months working on unity between the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. I then served on the Interim Joint Board of the United Conservative Party after the formation of the party.

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